Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - mobofree girls are full of themselves and proud.
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25 Mar 2015 19:48

why is this so? most girls here don't even reply when you send them messages. too bad! and these are the kinda girls that claim guys are wicked. MOBOFREE GURLS SHOULD CHANGE.

26 Mar 2015 16:46

U Ar Very Funny,same Tin Apply To U Guys To.But I Dnt Tink Is All D Gal Dat Do Dat Maybe Dey Did Not Wnt To Chart With U.MOBOFREE GUYS SHUD BE CHANGE TOOO

7 Apr 2015 20:31

mobofree girls should change there idea of not chatting with mobofree boys

8 Apr 2015 16:16

Luk At U,u Moboboys Shud Also Do D Same Ok,u Guys Shud Av A Meetin Concernin D Way U Wil Be Approachibg We Lady.U Peo Shud Learn Dis Approaches Manner Ok

8 Apr 2015 16:25

Hahahaha indeed i now believe u girls are trully proud.... What does ths have to do wth the way guys approaches u? U girls just want the guys to do it just the way u espect it won't work that way cause we don't knw ur ways u girls have to come down ur horses (pride) and teach us how to okay?

8 Apr 2015 16:30

Infact. The girls are in the better position to help ths issue because girls don't approach the guys its the guys that do approach the girls so admit and amend. Perioud!

8 Apr 2015 16:38

Hahaha,,, everything depends on d individual.

8 Apr 2015 16:41

No lance hahaha all of ths issue lyse on the girls because girls don't approach guys

8 Apr 2015 16:43

I agree with u Johnb, they shld come down and redress this issue, and d guys also should learn manners,, imagine a guy writing a girl 4 d first time and he will start by saying, "U look so beautiful, can i make love to u?" what do u want d lady to reply in this instance? That is madness too, as we talk about d girls, let's also advise d guys too. Thank u all

8 Apr 2015 16:43

They have to be in the guys shoes to knw hw it feels lol