Nigerian forum: Programming/webmasters - must you use paypal?
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21 Mar 2014 19:21

As every one know paypal is one of the best online payment system. But they are still other ones you can use online cause paypal don't accept people from some african country even Nigeria is not accepted. But some Nigerians claim to be US citizen and signup but they sometimes lost their money or when they want to verify their account using Gtbank Master Card the system will deny them access. I think is better to use the ones that accept Nigeria . 1. Okpay is another powerful online payment system and accept every country . Okpay offers two diffent account (1.) Business account and (2.) personal account. Click here to creat a free okpay account After creating your account call me on 2347032741832 and i will tell you how to make money using the system. 2. Ego pay is another one that also accept nigerians. click here to signup

12 Apr 2014 21:08

FUND AND WITHDRAW PAYPAL EASILY IN NIGERIA ....Paypal is one of the best online solution over the years. But paypal is not supported in Nigeria and you have to go through certain steps Just to open and verify a paypal account as a Nigerian. Despite getting a paypal account through the window, Funding and Withdrawing your money earned online remains a problem to most people. But now you can fund and withdraw your money by visiting, signup and have get your account funded

29 Jun 2014 00:51

My Observation about paypal is that it is one of the world most most use paypal processor and that been the case, it is highly need if you want to sell internationally. However, Paypal has just added Nigeria to the list of Countries that are doing business in June 2014. That means soon Nigeria will be able to start using paypal here without chasing IP.

Presently, you can open your paypal account from Nigeria starting from 21st of June 2014, However the paypal account is not working yet as Nigeria are unble to payment with their Nigeria paypal account. That problem will be resolve in some weeks to come by paypal.

Payal opened in Nigeria will only be able to make payment in the coming months, it will not be able to receive money for some years to come. Only foreign paypal can receive money into it. most African country paypal account can be use to receive money.

more so, It is DANGEROUS to verify your Nigeria paypal account by attaching your card to your paypal. it means if your paypal account is hacked by some Nigerian and international thieves, then all your money in your bank account is gone.

My advise is that dont verify your paypal using your credit card that is tied to your bank account. that can cause you to cry any time.

I have been researching on a way out of the risk and hopefully to give you guys here a solution to this paypal verification issue before the end of July 2014.

You can reach me any time on issues concerning Nigeria paypal opening and verification in Nigeria. Am also releasing a short report titled " How to Verify Your Nigeria Paypal Account Without Risking Your Bank account" in the month of June 2014.

Peter Effiong is CEO of Reach me on and issues about paypal, How to buy paypal in Nigeria and making payment through and you will get get the best advise for free. Tel: 08063323389

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2 Sep 2014 11:57
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6 Jan 2015 22:08
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13 Feb 2015 12:10
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27 Feb 2015 01:58

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