Nigerian forum: Religion - GOD is ever faithful/yes or no
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23 Mar 2015 16:21

If yes are you been faithful to him in all u do, ave u totally submit urself to him. are u doing what is expected of u to do, re u faithful to him with the works of ur hand....
IF No... pls tell me Y

7 May 2015 22:19

It is cheaper to live Holy than to live in Sin, ask Joseph. You
can not sin against the only one who could help you achieve
your destiny. (GOD)

7 May 2015 22:20

Always remember, there is somebody up there watching us

7 May 2015 22:21

Self discipline is cheaper than sexual loseness. Ask samson.

7 May 2015 22:21

Everyone has a right to accept or reject an invitation. The
almighty God will not force you to give your life to JESUS.
But he knows a day will come when you will need him.

7 May 2015 22:33

Repent or perish. Be on red alert against devices of the devil. The days are evil.