Nigerian forum: Religion - conversation between Ben and GOD
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20 Mar 2015 12:54

Conversation between a Ben and God
Ben: hello father,
God: yes my son
Ben: pease i want to ask you a question
and i hope you wont get angry at me?
God: no i wont, i promise
Ben: i woke up late today
God: uhm
Ben: i started my car but it didnt work,
because i was late to work
God: uhmm
Ben: i entered a taxi, as we re going
police started chasing the man for no
offence, so the taxi man dropped me.
God: uhmmmm
Ben: I got to office, a man wanted
congratulate me for a work done in the
work but another person distracted him
away from me.
Why did all this happened to me?
God: my son, i woke u up late because
the angel of death was trying to struck
you from ur sleep but i send my angel to
destroy it before you woke up.
Ben: felling offences!
God: i caused your car not to start
because your brake was faulty which
you re not aware of it. But i dont want to
die, thats why i stop d car from working.
Ben: crying!
God: i caused the police to chase d taxi
man because the the taxi wanted to take
to a place that you dont know to usw
your body for ritual. But i failed his plan.
Ben: surprised!
God: i caused the distraction because the
man was with a charm in his hand, he
wanted ro shake you so that the charm
will against you and u will be sack you
from the work and he will be the one in
ur position.
What have i done wrong? I am the lord
your God i created you and i formed
you... Even when a leaf fall from it
branch i know. I am the almighty, the
great i am.
Ben: crying! I am sorry God
God: all i expected from you is to say God
i thank you..
Advice: bro and sisters in all situation
give thank to God..

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20 Mar 2015 18:41

9ice1....baba God u 2much jru

20 Mar 2015 20:31


20 Mar 2015 20:32

God is always wit us

20 Mar 2015 20:58

nice piece bro

20 Mar 2015 20:59

Its this a True life invent that Happened or its just one of this African Old time Fable stories & figment of one's Immagination?

20 Mar 2015 21:39

glory be to GOD, who made me

20 Mar 2015 23:09


20 Mar 2015 23:12

Thank u Lord,all i have to say is Thank u lord

20 Mar 2015 23:19

Good folk tale that has strong moral teaching,which is every disappointment is a blessing in major objection is that the Angel of Death serves God not devil,God used the angel of death to kill every first born in egypt when pharoah refused to let the children of Isreal to leave Egypt(exodus 12v23)

21 Mar 2015 00:08

Sure,,, thank u Lord

21 Mar 2015 00:47

God is great

21 Mar 2015 08:56

Yea his always give his angel charage over us

21 Mar 2015 10:25


21 Mar 2015 10:54

Thank you Lord for a beautiful morning

21 Mar 2015 13:37

wil tank u lord

21 Mar 2015 16:27

thank God

21 Mar 2015 17:54
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21 Mar 2015 18:16

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21 Mar 2015 18:24

God itank u!!!