Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - What is in kissing?
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20 Mar 2015 11:56

U see them quarrelling then all of a sudden one finds the other's mouth and they start kissing forgetting their quarrel.
How can just kissing put an end between angry lovers quarrel?

20 Mar 2015 18:45

Na so naaa

20 Mar 2015 19:37

Emma, u again. Gi nwa kwa ozo!

20 Mar 2015 20:16

kiss is very strong it like magic

20 Mar 2015 21:45

Kiss is like a magic so strong and powerful

20 Mar 2015 22:14

Kissing is like a miracle,one cannot just explain.

20 Mar 2015 22:17

it soften d hrt atym especially 2was d person u luv

20 Mar 2015 22:24

Hmmmmm kisin av no definition, u can only xprez d way u feel whn u avin it

20 Mar 2015 22:26

kiss na im dy sweet gals

20 Mar 2015 22:29

well der is a sprit bhind kissing

20 Mar 2015 22:52
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20 Mar 2015 23:12

its the expression by which u express those words feelings passion wild imagination and emotions put together into one action kissing

20 Mar 2015 23:33

The one posting illuminiti things here should note that he is enjoying Satan's pleasure of sin for a season and soon will pay back in hell except he repents.

20 Mar 2015 23:37

kiss make sencess

20 Mar 2015 23:56

I can't define it but kiss is so powerful either wit same sex or opposite sex........kindly count me out with same sex.....I really love it wit opposite sex

21 Mar 2015 00:25

i beauty.
i mean kissing

21 Mar 2015 00:27

kissing is like a magic,it is a way of expressing love to eachother. Kissing is highly emotional and powerful.

21 Mar 2015 00:28

I hope say no bi cuse u dey cuse me so??? N stop following me or s@ebimag

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21 Mar 2015 02:48
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21 Mar 2015 14:46

Kissing is the touching or caress with the lips as a sign of
love, sexual desire, or greeting.