Nigerian forum: Religion - If Your Church CANNOT Change You Then CHANGE Your Church
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19 Mar 2015 17:17

All unrighteousness is SIN(Fornication, Adultery, Masturbation, Prostitution, Gay, Lesbian, Smoking, Drinking, 419, Lies, Stealing, WearingEaring, Trouser(f), Mini Skirt, Attachment, ExtraEye&Finger, Bangle, Chain, Bead, Rosary, Scapular, Painting, Parming, Bleaching, Tattoo, PlaitingHair(Men), Occultism, Charm, SecreteCult, Idolatory, Murmuring, Strife, Divorce, 2Wives etc.). Don`t be deceived. it is Written: All have Sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, The WAGES of SIN is DEATH And the soul that sinneth it shall Die. Except a man be BornAgain, He can`t Enter THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN. A christian is not a SINNER and a sinner is not a CHRISTIAN. REPENT so that iniquity shall not be your RUINE. Let him that nameth the name of the LORD depart from iniquity. Jesus Christ is Coming again, Give your life to CHRIST, before it is too late. Hell is Real.(Matt: 6:33, 19:4. John 3:3, 5:17, 10:10, 15:5. Ijohn 3:8, 5:17. 1corith 3:8. 6:9. 2corith 5:17. 2timothy3. Rom3:23, 6:23. Luke 16:18 , 17:26-30. Gal 5:19. Col 3:8. Exo 33:4-6. Deut 22:5. Job 22:23. Rev 21:8. Jer 4:30. Malachi 2:14-16. Isaiah 53:1, 9:6. Lev 18:22. 20:13,21, Ezekiel 18:21,30).Worship With Us Today.

Worship With Us at The LORD`S CHOSEN CHARISTMATIC REVIVAL MOVEMENT along Apapa Oshodi Express. Ijesha B/stop. Amuwo Odofin. Lagos. "The God of Chosen Answers Prayer". Chosen is Blessed. 1peter2:9. If your your church cannot change you then change your church. If you or your relations or friends are base outside Lagos or outside Nigeria, Then visit: Or Watch here: or free2Air Cable(MyTv) For Ongoing BroadCast of All Our Programmes and Activities and List of our Branches in Your State or country of Residence. Our Days of Fellowship Activites Are As Follows:
Sun: 8am.
Tues: 8am and 5pm.
Wed: 5pm.
Thurs: 8am and 5pm.
Sat: 2pm
"Our God Na Baabaa"

The Testimonies of God Abound in d LORDS CHOSEN(C.R.M):
>H.I.V Cured
>Spirit of Gay/LesbianCastOut
>BrokenMarriage Amended
All these And much more Awaits you as you worship with us Today. The God that Delivers from Satan, Sin, Sickness that is the True GOD.
Jesus said, If you do not believe me for what i say. Then Believe for this Signs and Wonders that i do.
Matt 11:4-5, 15:31, Luke 4:40

20 Mar 2015 14:58
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