Nigerian forum: Events - Easier to say than to do
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19 Mar 2015 10:38

I cant believe there are as many good samaritans here in Nigeria. Many people said they will return the air-time that was mistakenly transferred to their mobile number back to the owner.
Hmmm... hmmm...
That is so good of u, if u will be able to do it.
To all 9ja friends, I salute u all @ one love

Here is an opportunity for u to make a loud shout-out to your friends and loved ones

19 Mar 2015 11:29

Dey r all liers

19 Mar 2015 12:13


19 Mar 2015 13:01

@EMMA.. U should note that we are all different human beings n every individuals are not the same. Though there are more than enough people who are greedy n selfish but you should still put it in mind that GOOD SAMARITANS still exist even in nigeria. A very good example is the lady (A Cleaner at the airport) who saw a huge sum of money but still returned it, dats in nigeria here so dey exist. A good name is better than riches

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19 Mar 2015 13:27

WooooooW....2 my family n frineds in 9ja luv u all respect u all my mobo frns 1 luv keep ur heard n do ur tins rite mobo 1 luv to d one n olny jah king of kings Lord Lords ever faithful.......;;;......;;;;;.....follow d logo ONE LOVE!!!