Nigerian forum: Religion - Have U giving Ur life to christ?
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18 Mar 2015 02:01

If yes¶ do re really serve him and do his will.. The Bible says heaven and earth shall pass away but none of his words shall go unfulfilled..
search ur heart and question Urself with this question (am i doing God's will?) I pray dat the grace of the Lord will continue to be with us in Jesus Name

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18 Mar 2015 23:03

Lord i need in my life

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19 Mar 2015 07:36

Many atimes we can actualy say yes but in the heart maybe no, please this is a very delicate issue that one needs to be frank to him or herself b-cus it involve judgement and everlasting condemnation. It may be ur last chance u knw, accept christ into ur life and escape hell. God bless us all.

20 Mar 2015 12:18

All unrighteousness is SIN(Fornication,
Adultery, Masturbation, Prostitution,
Gay, Lesbian, Smoking, Drinking, 419,
Lies, Stealing, WearingEaring, Trouser
(f), Mini Skirt, Attachment,
ExtraEye&Finger, Bangle, Chain, Bead,
Rosary, Scapular, Painting, Parming,
Bleaching, Tattoo, PlaitingHair(Men),
Occultism, Charm, SecreteCult,
Idolatory, Murmuring, Strife, Divorce,
2Wives etc.). Don`t be deceived. it is
Written: All have Sinned and fall short of
the Glory of God, The WAGES of SIN is
DEATH And the soul that sinneth it shall
Die. Except a man be BornAgain, He
can`t Enter THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN. A
christian is not a SINNER and a sinner is
not a CHRISTIAN. REPENT so that
iniquity shall not be your RUINE. Let him
that nameth the name of the LORD
depart from iniquity. Jesus Christ is
Coming again, Give your life to CHRIST,
before it is too late. Hell is Real.(Matt:
6:33, 19:4. John 3:3, 5:17, 10:10, 15:5.
Ijohn 3:8, 5:17. 1corith 3:8. 6:9. 2corith
5:17. 2timothy3. Rom3:23, 6:23. Luke
16:18 , 17:26-30. Gal 5:19. Col 3:8. Exo
33:4-6. Deut 22:5. Job 22:23. Rev 21:8. Jer
4:30. Malachi 2:14-16. Isaiah 53:1, 9:6.
Lev 18:22. 20:13,21, Ezekiel

21 Mar 2015 20:12
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7 May 2015 22:23

God is sitting by the door in heaven. Sooner or later you will
leave this place. If you open the door of your heart to him
here. He will open the door to you over there.

7 May 2015 22:25

Alot of you want healing from God. But once you get healed
what are you going to do with your health. Will you serve
God? think before you respond.

7 May 2015 22:26

We are ordained for a purpose, to preach the gospel,
empowered to heal the sick and to fellowship with JESUS

7 May 2015 22:27

We are chosen to have a purpose.