Nigerian forum: Jokes - Imagine U are Given The Chance To Be God Just For One Day; What'll You Have Done???
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17 Mar 2015 20:15

Imagine You're Given The Chance To Be God Just For One Day, What'll You Have Done With the Chance? 'cos They Said "Opportunity come but once"...

18 Mar 2015 19:49

Fear God,, no blasphemy

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18 Mar 2015 21:48

@friday:remove dt imagine cuse dt opportunity can never cum

18 Mar 2015 21:51

Destroy all evil doers

18 Mar 2015 22:20

let me think about it and I will comment later

18 Mar 2015 23:37

Kill those dat killed my uncle.

19 Mar 2015 01:43

first of fore, i wil send fire upon d purson dat ask dis rubbish question.. kill ol d fus born of his family nd den send plaques upon d generation.

19 Mar 2015 09:13

ahah dat's 2 much.he only said dis out of ignorance n he doesnt know dat God will neva share his glory wit any man@kenneth6011

25 Mar 2015 19:27

rhetorical question

27 Mar 2015 23:23

U no de fear? u nd God una b mate?

3 Apr 2015 02:55

Just passing by

4 Oct 2015 22:17

I will stop imagining

5 Oct 2015 07:36

Pls don't judge d poster of dis bt advise d person never to av such imagination again