Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Delay is Dangerous
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15 Mar 2015 19:31

Men! is it proper for LADIES to ask for a period of time before welcoming a relationship Offer of the 1st day!

18 Mar 2015 15:08

Its depends..

18 Mar 2015 16:10

U mean, to welcome relationships ON THE FIRST DAY? Most ladies are fond of it. Though, ladies need to think it out b4 committing themselves to d relationships. However, things have changed - OKO WON LODE! (Yoruba adage= HUSBAND IS SCARCE). What d ladies need is, grab ur copy first, then examine him if he's suitable for u or not. In d process of u not welcoming d relationships offer, another lady may seize the opportunity. BE FAST, GRAB UR COPY NOW. will u mary me?