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15 Mar 2015 14:44

My question is what do u do when u find out ur man u are dieing for is dieing for someone worse than you? Plsss

19 Mar 2015 00:06

then u knw their is something u are not doing right n it might b that d other lady cares n give him more attention than urself, bcos u knw wat they say that out of sight is out of mind. So if u truely care show him some luv n attention

9 May 2015 13:36

.love is not blind n u r lucky enough to have discovered that. Many never did until after marriage n it would have been too late. A kind n loving heart should be reciprocated. Dont let emotions obscure ur sense of reasoning, rather be objective.
Stay where u r celebrated n not relegated. Stay with someone that return ur passion

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