Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Bride Walks Out Of Wedding After Groom Fails Her Math Test
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15 Mar 2015 09:18

Indian bride walked out
of her wedding
ceremony after the
groom failed to solve a
simple math problem,
police said Friday.
The bride tested the
groom on his math
skills and when he got
the sum wrong, she
walked out.
The question she
asked: How much is 15
plus six?
His reply: 17.
The incident took place
late Wednesday in
Rasoolabad village near
the industrial town of
Kanpur in northern
Uttar Pradesh state,
local police officer
Rakesh Kumar said
The groom's family
tried persuading the
bride to return, but she
refused. She said the
groom had misled them
about his education.
"The groom's family
kept us in the dark
about his poor
education," said Mohar
Singh, the bride's
father. "Even a first
grader can answer
Local police mediated
between the families
and both sides
returned all the gifts
and jewelry that had
been exchanged before
the wedding, Kumar
Last month, another
bride in Uttar Pradesh
married a wedding
guest after the original
groom had a seizure
and collapsed at the
wedding venue.
The groom's family had
not revealed that the
groom was epileptic.
While the groom was
rushed to a hospital in
Rampur town, the bride
asked one of the
wedding guests to
step in and married
Most marriages in India
are arranged by the
families of the bride
and groom. Except for
brief meetings, the
couple rarely gets to
know each other
before the nuptials.

17 Mar 2015 15:54

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17 Mar 2015 18:37

Must everyone be a mathematician???

17 Mar 2015 19:07

Maths Devil Involve In Their Wedding...Lol

17 Mar 2015 19:15

Na sleep of tuge e dey hupu like dt sumtimes

Edited by Emma1919 / 17 Mar 2015 19:16
17 Mar 2015 21:20

That is d game my brother

17 Mar 2015 22:18

Maths! dat guy dy sharp @list he attempted it 17 + 4 = 174 lolz

18 Mar 2015 06:38

may be dats dere culture cos i dnt cee y dat simple questn culd end a wedding

18 Mar 2015 07:38

@navad:u get am afteroll oyebo say na bod maths we go use slove mathimatic n jabajantics 174-9=156+0=??????????

18 Mar 2015 12:15

pretty funny