Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Reasons Why People Betray You
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15 Mar 2015 09:14

Betrayal is a part of
life, it occurs when
either or all of these
factors underlisted
come into play. But
when u get betrayed, u
don't hav to think dat u
won't relate with
anyone cuz no one is an
island. Now let's sEe d
reasons why u get
betrayed and I'd leav u
to share the ways how
best to overcome it.
1; people betray you
because they feel you
are Better dan dem.
2; people betray you
because of Greed for
money or ur position.
Let's take for instance,
Judas betrayed Jesus
because he was a
greedy man. Some ppo
may do all it takes to
get ur position and go
behind u to plot evil
against u
3: people betray you
because u can keep ur
mout shut: they say a
man who talks too
much is doomed. Yes,
ur secret is your
security, when u let
dem out, hav it at d
bak of ur mind u will be
4: people betray you
because yu trust too
Steps in dealing wit
Be prayerful
Dnt kEep online diaries
Not every boyfrnd or
girlfrnd should u relay
ur secrets to
Be forgiving
Trust should be
earned, just as respect.
Dnt trust easily.