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15 Mar 2015 01:06

Life is full of MISERIES.. and the
miseries of life are UNVEAL by men
who can FORESEE the FUTURE and
see beyond the ORDINARY....

15 Mar 2015 04:47

Hmmm,just prayer we need

15 Mar 2015 07:14

Still wating 4 more comment

15 Mar 2015 07:16

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15 Mar 2015 17:55

It's God work whc beyond human imaginations

15 Mar 2015 20:46

hy jolat iz geraldine let get connected!

16 Mar 2015 08:37

Quote by Eagleswingz
Life is full of MISERIES.. and the
miseries of life are UNVEAL by men
who can FORESEE the FUTURE and
see beyond the ORDINARY....

16 Mar 2015 08:39

the miseries of life is the spices of life

16 Mar 2015 22:32


16 Mar 2015 22:37

@lance:u no yan enitin oo

17 Mar 2015 01:59

All trust well be on GOD

17 Mar 2015 08:52

@Emma1919: what else can I say?? He has said it all nah. So we have 2 leave d miseries of life 2 those who can see them while we carry on with our individual lives,, abi...

17 Mar 2015 15:44

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18 Mar 2015 02:21

true words of wisdom... Only God can save our generation from destruction.

18 Mar 2015 09:43


18 Mar 2015 13:52