Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - She Gets Turned On When I "Yell" At Her. How Normal Is That?
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14 Mar 2015 23:28

"Yell" might not be the
right word; but on a
number of occasions
when I get upset at
her over a wrong doing,
and my temperament
and voice get high,
coupled with the stern
look on my face, my
girlfriend says it turns
her on. How normal or
abnormal is this?
She chipped in this info
last night when she
was complimenting
how I use my stern
voice and face to put
her back on track
whenever she
misbehaved. I was like
wtf? Seriously? and
She responded in the
affirmative. Mind you,
on most other
occasions, I also let her
know when she
wronged me but on a
cool note).
Instead of reacting
"coolly" on those other
occasions, she has
asked that I scold or
yell at her each time
she offends me; saying
that besides the
positive effect it has
on correcting her, that
it also turns her on. Is
she encouragineg
verbal abuse, and
maybe later, physical
abuse? Is she trying to
make me an abuser? I
am not a party to this
Please, How do I
reconcile not being an
abuser with correcting
her wrongs by yelling
at her all the time?

15 Mar 2015 07:31

Pray for her.

15 Mar 2015 15:48

Its normal. Evry gal hv dia diffrent turn ons. So dats her"s. It evn mmkesher mor submissive 2 u.So, U jst hv to accept her dat way cos u cnt chnge it. But hey....dnt yell at her in public. U cld only do dat bhind close doors or indoors. #gudluck2U

15 Mar 2015 16:56

anytime she gos off track u yell n she come down my broder yell yell yell all d time will end 1 in early grave tolk some sence in2 her b4 is 2 late

16 Mar 2015 08:07

Dt na OYO 4 u oo

Edited by Emma1919 / 16 Mar 2015 08:09
16 Mar 2015 10:05

It's normal, some people gets turned on when they're bn beaten too. That ur girl must be a masochist only that she hasn't come out fully so beware that u might someday turn 2 physical abuser bcos of her

16 Mar 2015 10:24

Chai! This one na strong matter, i can't even say a word

16 Mar 2015 10:38

The truth is u must first of all knw her temperament cause it ditermines her actions ane then compare wth urs there u will knw and learn how to maintain the love u have for her that is if ur temperament doesnt mach to her's it means that the two can only be together for the sake of love, nw if that happens u as a guy shld knw u gat alot of work to do than she does cause women are weaker that last word. Must importantly, allow the love in u to deal with any kind of weakness ur girl possesses until she change, everythng has expiry date...

16 Mar 2015 10:55

@johnn: U cant say a word abi,,, but u wrote a novel...

16 Mar 2015 11:41


16 Mar 2015 12:07

@Emma: U r laffing?????

16 Mar 2015 13:31

Its normal my brother. Even after slapping or beating up (not excessive) a lady for some wrongdoing most confess that apart from the humbling effect it has on them, it also turns them on. That is one reason girls remain in a relationship after taking a beating time and again. Do not start shouting on your girl at every opportunity or what used to turn her on will begin to turn her off and you don't want that. Everything must be done in moderation.

16 Mar 2015 18:06

Yes y wont i, sumbody wo says he can't say a word becum a pricher imagine dt

16 Mar 2015 18:10

He is always like that & u? U r a funny character too

16 Mar 2015 18:56

Dt means u kws hem very well??

16 Mar 2015 20:58

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16 Mar 2015 22:48

Hahahaha @lanceman and emma u guyz shld dscus on the topic nt on me ok, novel writter and novel readers lol

17 Mar 2015 01:41

My brother of life u can't control woman, if u do, is 4 mentime

17 Mar 2015 02:36

Women are not animals,they re wonderful creature nd must be treated with love nd respect. Yelling to correct a woman, it will eventually turn to beating one day. So,as 4 me. Is d most crazy idea. As for d girl. I wonder y she didnt contest 4 WWE. where yelling is d other of d day

17 Mar 2015 02:47

@John. Dis has nothing to do with temperament. Which of d temperament indicates dat one must be corrected with yelling? Is it mellancholey,phlegmatic,cholleric, any girl dat get turn on when yelled at, is not far from animal.she needs prayers