Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 6 Depressing Facts About Love
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14 Mar 2015 23:23

I know we are On the
heels of the most
romantic month of the
year, SORRY but lets
face it — sometimes,
love stinks.
Everyone's been
through a messy
breakup that left you
feeling hopelessly
alone, or stuck in
unrequited love.
Relationship woes can
be a huge source of
stress and anxiety for
many people, and
beyond being an
unwelcome distraction,
can actually cause
physical harm.
Through heartbreak
and heartache, there
are plenty of reasons
to feel down about
your romantic life, but
some facts about love
are downright
1. Breaking up may
lead to "frustration
attraction," which
can cause the
dumped to love the
dumpee even more.
Break ups are awful,
but studies have found
that being kicked to
the curb may actually
cause you to feel more
passionate towards
those who reject you.
This can even lead to
obsession and
addiction. I know of a
guy who wanted to kill
himself to have his Ex
back. It was very
unfortunate, this is a
good example of
still wanna Call that
Undying Love?
2. Don't know of
Here in Naija, but
Every 13 seconds, a
couple in the U.S.
files for divorce.
It's well known that
divorce rates in the U.S.
are high, but one
divorce nearly every 13
seconds is just
depressing. Reports
believe that rate will
continue to rise as the
economy does.
3. Romantic love
lasts for only one
That flush feeling you
get from being around
your lover is not
butterflies in your
heart, but actually just
a chemical releasing
from your brain.
Despite our often
sentimental view of
long-term relationships,
researchers say that
feeling of "romantic
love" -- raised levels of
a protein that has been
linked to euphoria in
new relationships --
slowly diminishes over
4. Social media is
ruining relationships.
With potential access
to your partner's every
waking move or
thought, social media
can cause some
serious stress in
relationships including
jealousy, and the
pressures of open
communication -- so
much stress that one-
third of divorce filings in
2011 contained the
word "Facebook."
Here's a common
mistake people make
daily, Upon you already
Feel you have
Something serious with
your significant other,
You still take Facebook
so serious ... Are you
"Facebook Official"?
5. Heartbreak can
actually make you
When experiencing
heartbreak, our brain
releases stress
hormones, which can
weaken our immune
system, and leaves our
bodies more
susceptible to illness.
Because everybody
needs the flu after
their belongings are
tossed onto the street.
6. Your heart can
literally break.
Heartbreak is terrible,
but in some cases, can
be quite literal.
known as "broken
heart syndrome" is
typically caused by
emotional or physical
stress. Hormones
create a stunning
effect on the heart
muscles, which can
cause temporary
dysfunction, much like
a heart attack.
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