Nigerian forum: Celebrities, gossip - 5 ways that wil make a niqeria girl fall for u [must read]
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13 Mar 2015 08:07

1. Be Rich:
Be like me, work hard and be
rich girls will trip for you or your
I’m in my early 20’s, I got a
mattress shop… I earn a killing
from my business. There’s no
day I don’t get wooed by 2-3
girls(beautiful girls)
Girls love money like witch.
2. Dress clean like me:
I run a mattress shop in and
open major road which no
doubt is bound to get me dirty
due to excess dust generated
from bikes and cars in the
environment, I still take care of
myself and my looks.
Cut your hair and wear suited

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15 Mar 2015 07:19

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15 Mar 2015 13:59

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