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11 Mar 2015 21:23

Is marriage to be enjoyed or endured. What is your opinion

11 Mar 2015 21:27

God ordained marriage to be enjoyed though we cannot rule out endurance in marriage. God called wife a helpmate not slave

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12 Mar 2015 14:03

Marriage is not a promissory note ,it total enjoying value

12 Mar 2015 15:44

@ smart, that was the purpose of God when He ordained marriage but do you believe that NOT all marriages are enjoying themselves instead most marriages are enduring themselves

12 Mar 2015 16:52


12 Mar 2015 16:58

Endured 2 be Enjoyed, even lyf itself isn't fair coz its not bed of roses bt only GOD is ever faithful... no pain, no gain.

13 Mar 2015 10:35

Marriage Z Made To Be Enjoy Bt Becus Of Our Sin We Ave T0 Endured B/f Enjoying De Marriage

14 Mar 2015 22:17

We are enduring in marriage nowaday because most foundation of our marriage was lust and deceit instead of love and trust