Nigerian forum: Other - Ninety Percent (90%) Of The Rich-Poor Relationship Are Caused By The Rich. True Or False???
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11 Mar 2015 01:24

Today, the rich wants to continue to be rich and they are not even ready to affect the lives of the poor unless the poor man is ready to serve them till death. The wost part of it is that they don’t want their children to marry the poor because they believe the poor is after their money but they are mistaken. Ninety percent (90%) of the rich-poor relationship are caused by the rich. The rich will be the ones to ask the poor for a relationship knowingfully well that his or her family will be against their union.”
Besides, you will hear some rich parents saying things like “You see my son is engaged to a beautiful lady. The daughter of the state’s deputy president. So you stand no chance to marry my son.”
Its a waste of time, you know? “I’ll give you five million naira for your troubles. Go, leave my son and perhaps you can start something with it and let my son to mingle with people of his class.”
Isn't this some kind of rejection? Seeing some persons been crushed & chased away from others simply because you are in a better position today and they are not. Its makes them (the poor) look inferior and rejected....
Well, God may give you the strength to deal with all the IDIOTs & innocent people that crosses your path. But "YOU", have you ever thought about crossing other people's path unaware? As it's natural for someone to cross other people's path unnoticed.
Anyway, you may be in charge today because you are with silver spoon in your mouth? The fact is, "if you don't treat everyone with equality, you aint better than the Devil himself"...
Now, My Questions:
(1) Would you have allow this to hapen if it were your brother?
(2) If you were the guy/lady, what'll you have done?
(3) Imagine it's your parents who said it, what'll be your first reactions?
(4) If you found yourself in this position, which one would you go for, the money or LOVE?

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24 Oct 2016 23:28

Friday U Have Said It All Is Very Touching Tnks 4 Dat