Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - With sincere heart, would U have open Up if U are truely inlove with a married Man/Woman???
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10 Mar 2015 13:05

What'll you do if you're madly in love, like truely in love with a married man or woman.
With sincere heart, Rather than keeping it to urself, is it best to open up to him or her??? Be honest, pls!

10 Mar 2015 16:31

to open up to her even if it's stupid

10 Mar 2015 16:36

it's better not to open up to him...

10 Mar 2015 16:38

Yes I will

10 Mar 2015 16:41

Yes i will open up

10 Mar 2015 17:01

Yap am gonna open up to her, cos keeping it to myself will nt do me any good

10 Mar 2015 17:13

is b'st 2 open up

10 Mar 2015 18:26

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10 Mar 2015 20:06

It possible for me 2 open up 2her, so dat it wil nt cause problm 2my life

10 Mar 2015 21:15

sure I am going to express my feeling but it behoves on the woman to show his apathy over the matter

10 Mar 2015 21:37

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10 Mar 2015 22:24

i was once inlov like dt m i opend up tu her

10 Mar 2015 22:27

I will but if she be disappointed dat is het own problem

10 Mar 2015 22:32

Love hurts not,do not hide ur past history to ur prospective lover if u are a married man or woman.True chat shld be the foundation of relationship.As a married muslim I shld nt lie,I wl tell facts,if u love u wl marry me .

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10 Mar 2015 23:46

yes I will open up

11 Mar 2015 00:17

Let me first ask this quastion,as a married man or woman, hw would u feel when u hear another man or woman telling ur husband or wife dat i love u. i know u will not like to hear that, so is very very bad to express ur feeling to someone whom u know is married bcos, it can break some marrieges. exccept if u are for destruction,but it says DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT IT TO BE DONE UNTO YOU.

11 Mar 2015 01:23

I will neva do dat

11 Mar 2015 02:47

Cant take it.

11 Mar 2015 03:01
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