Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 5 ways to move on when he has chosen another girl
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9 Mar 2015 11:37

Here are 5 suggestions that may help you to move on.
Don’t waste valuable time trying to figure it out. It will just make you jealous and sad. He is not thinking about you. Don’t fool yourself and waste your time thinking that he is.
Don’t diminish yourself by playing second to a man that did not choose you as his number one.
Thank God and consider it a blessing. When He moves something out of your way. it’s usually to make way for something better!.Text too long CONTINUE READING

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9 Mar 2015 21:28

Lolz dis cool mehhhhh

9 Mar 2015 21:31

hw many pple wil av d liver to do it?

10 Mar 2015 00:33

tell dem may be dey ll understand...

10 Mar 2015 07:59

you are crazy.. is it only guys that break girls heart?? what about the ladies that still have some thing with their ex? and cheat on their current date.. infact you don't know what to post on net

10 Mar 2015 12:46

Can't we just comment on posts without using abusive words even if d post is wrong or bias, there are ways to comment without offending others........we are adults, learned n matured.

10 Mar 2015 13:40

U're onesided,u need to be balance when treating relationship issues pls.