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8 Mar 2015 13:54

It's come to my notice that most Nairalnders haven't been able to Change Imei of their Android Phones where as it's such an easy thing to do.
So,i've compiled 10 Means of changing your android phone's imei.

The first one below is a sure method of doing this.
The other means of changing imei also works well. Some works with apps like kingroot, bb imei generator,etc.
Let's get started.

First method of changing android imei.

This is a genuine method of changing Imei
of new tecno phones and some other
phones that refuses to change.
1.Use a tecno phone that has changed it imei
2.With the help of Mobile uncle tool
3.Scroll to backup imei number. n then
backup ur current imei number.
4.leave mobile uncle tool and then go to
your file manager n locate (imei. bak ).
5.Send it to the mobile phone that can't
change it imei.... then open mobile uncle tool
wit the phone n scroll down to "restore imei
6.after dat, you'll need to reboot ur phone,
dats all.

For 9 more methods of changing imei,click below:

How To Change Imei of All Android Phones with Mobile Uncle | PC | Apps

Benefits of changing imei?
The main benefit is the ability to use various Airtel,Mtn Glo Cheats for Free Browsing. You can equally browse with Bis as BB users.

After changing imei,what next?
When you're done changing your imei,you can now browse for free with your device using all sorts of cheats.

Below are some compiled cheats that'll be working till the end of this year (though i exaggerated a little)
click below to download the cheats or read them online.
Mtn|Glo|Airtel|Etisalat Latest free browsing cheats Febuary 2015 for Android and Pc Download (12kb)

Nigerians must browse for free!

10 Mar 2015 07:36

14 Jun 2015 19:20

do you have a cheat that work on modem

10 Aug 2015 09:47

hmm u tried

10 Aug 2015 09:48

hmm u tried

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