Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 7 things to remember when you start a relationship
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7 Mar 2015 20:05

It feels so exciting when you fall in love
and start a new relationship! New
relationships are about hope, some
expectations and fresh feelings. But
sometimes a new relationship collapses
when they hardly starts. I’ve been
thinking about all my relationships, both
successful and not so successful, and
I’ve come
to the conclusion that a good start
determines the further outcome of your
relationship. When you just start dating
someone it’s very easy to make mistakes
and scary the person away. Sure, every
relationship is highly individual and
unique, but here some universal tips to
remember when you start a new
1. Don’t pursue your boyfriend
I always found it difficult. When I fall in
love with someone I want to spend
every second with this person to get to
know him better. I become literally
obsessed with the guy and it’s often the
main cause of all my unsuccessful
relationships. Such an excessive
attention is the sure way to frighten the
person off. Try to avoid calling him every
hour or typing romantic messages if
you’ve just started dating. Guys love
when a girl can take the first step, but
they cannot stand when the girl is
persistent or even annoying. On the
other hand, try not to hold
him back. Avoid these two extremes and
find the golden mean in your
2. Don’t pretend to be someone else
When you like someone it’s natural that
you want reciprocity. You want to gain
the person’s approval and try hard to
correspond to his expectations and
preferences. However, you cannot make
a different version of yourself. Sooner or
later you’ll get tired to play this game
and when he gets to know your true
self, it’ll break your partner’s heart. When
pretend to be someone else, your guy
cannot appreciate your real personality.
If you know that your guy loves blue-
eyed blondes, but you have beautiful
brown tresses, you shouldn’t even think
to dye your hair color! Try to be honest
and open from the very beginning.CONTINUE READING