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4 Mar 2015 10:00

How Wil U Feel Whn U Went To Ur Guy House Reaching Dere U Ment Another Lady There?dey are but romancing an kiss

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5 Mar 2015 15:28

I will nt feel bad but i will ask question cus seeing anoda girl dere may be d are jst frnds, his sister etc. But dere will be problem wen i see both of dem romancing n so on.

5 Mar 2015 15:33

Omo diz 1 na gal frnd ooooo

5 Mar 2015 15:34

As hw

5 Mar 2015 15:35

No big things,one thing ladies needs is ability to control her mood n action,seen a lady or girl with ur guy in his house ,just greet n get inside to do another things elsy n being expecting ur guy to introduce her to u bt if he didnt nt keep to urself n continue wot u r doing ....always observed action n behavor of closeness abt dem.....if u kill urself or hurt anyone one u b arressted n jail......

5 Mar 2015 16:12

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10 May 2015 15:30


11 May 2015 09:35

Meeting with another girl is not a problem, but they were in romance then I will slap them both

2 Jun 2015 21:26

that is not a gud idea but just control urself and allow ur guy 2 explain himself pls.

2 Jun 2015 21:28

For ladies only....
A rational lady will just let d 2 of them know that she saw them, then she'll leave d scene

2 Jun 2015 23:11

4 dt one no wahala i go jst bey dem one one bottle of beer go my way mey fish dey 4 rever

3 Jun 2015 00:29

guys ar wicked if i see somthing lik dat i wil nt kill my self just let go ok becky u ar beautyful every guy wil lv to hav u let go of d guy an move on