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3 Mar 2015 00:00

Wondering if i should start off with some lenghty introduction of this online job that has created massive wealth for many, with a self-job employment for thousand (me included), with the sole aim of getting you involved, but alas, no thanks to internet fradsters and online job scams these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult knowing what is true or false and helping those in need of finance and online job... But there again, with the encouraging and positive responds i have gotten and recieved from those who truely needed help in getting and doing a job (both online and offline), i am here again to extend my helping hands to all who will be interested..
So then i ask, WHO IS INTERESTED?????

3 Mar 2015 10:22

i am

3 Mar 2015 10:25

I am interested

3 Mar 2015 12:04

Now.. This is going to be an interactive-seminar-platform and your involvement, as well as rapt attension is highly needed, cos most people wouldn‘t have the opportunity of seeing such exposition anywhere else for free!
Who am i? Am i an internet guru and expert?? Nah, not close to been one yet! But here is what i am.... I am one born of both sad and good online job experience who has now transformed such bad experiences to great profittable knowledge! So what is your story of online job experience? Every experience, be it an online job experience or an offline experience is levied with the responsibility of leaving you with a lesson.
Hey! I am sure this wasn‘t what you would have been expecting; i guess you would have expected me to jump on board and let the cat out of the bag with the big secret right?? Duh! That ain‘t happening that fast! Hahahah.
Yes, there is a fine line between been interested and been willing. You need more, a little more than a show of interest to succeed in life let alone online job.
So lets proceed, shall we? There are hundreds, probably thousands of online jobs in the internet of today. And because alot of people haven‘t been equipped well with the knowledge of how to discern the scam from the real, they fall victim and are defrauded.
Another reason is, the lack of personal research into that online job. You see a person telling you of an online job and your attension is drawn to his or her “NO QUALIFICATION NEEDED, IT IS FREE, IT IS EASY, MAKE UNLIMITED MONEY... etc and without making your own research into it, you jump in.... WRONG!
Thirdly, HONESTY, which is the back bone of any business and personal relationship is dying. Many people are not honest and so trust has been trown away. Why? Cos many people wouldn‘t go for the truth, they would rather go fo the lies... They wouldn‘t go for that genuine online job after research that only ask for a one time payment for registration but guarantees much profitable returns. They go for the “free“ scam online job.. Should i still proceed?

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3 Mar 2015 12:57
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3 Mar 2015 13:15

Iam interested,remain bless dear

3 Mar 2015 14:56

i av

3 Mar 2015 15:28

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3 Mar 2015 16:26

i am interested

3 Mar 2015 17:17

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3 Mar 2015 20:36

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3 Mar 2015 22:15

Hahahah! Naija no dey carry last o. See advert here o for my own business... Shu! See edmark, Sfi and GNLD promo here o. Lol.
Anyways, back to the earth now.. I realise something in the quest for online job hustling... Many feel discourage whenever they are confronted with some jobs that requires a fiancial input first but hey, before any financial commitment from you is done, make good research on it. Ask questions, get tangible answers, get your curiosity satisfied well. Many who fall victims get carried away easily. Don‘t take the word of anyone for it.. Gone are the days fraudster go on black, now they appear on white now. Yes... Becareful of online jobs that claim they are cheap and free, especially those self acclaimed foreign online money websites that claims to pay in dollars..“megastoon, earn loot“ just to mention a few online scam jobs. They claim to pay through cheque and bank wiring... They sometimes ask for you bank vital details, your master card, visa card and verve pins.. Listen, IF YOU GIVE THEM THOSE, YOU ARE FINANCIALLY FINISHED!
Now, this is not to say that there is no online job that is free... I know of online writing jobs that have free registration and other online job, but i will restrict myself to online profitable jobs i am doing that i am making physical money and withdrawning it. Most people who go about posting scamed online jobs have never in their life made money in physical doing that job. They only see hundreds and thousands of dollars on screen but will never get it. They simply use you to advertise them and u get nothing..

Now just to be cleared, i am not doing it all out of a widows heart. There is some financial purpose attachment to this for me. Yes, you heard me well! But anything i may get from this, you will get back continously in many financial fold. Shortly i will be moving in to the heart of this seminar to unravel these online profitable jobs but they ARE NOT A FREE ONLINE JOBS... Should i still proceed????

3 Mar 2015 23:06

Am not to heil with dt f**kin job

4 Mar 2015 01:46

Well Done So Na Online Job U Dey Do

4 Mar 2015 07:31