Nigerian forum: Education - What is the greatest success one can realy achieved and be satisfy?
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2 Mar 2015 23:17

Its certeinly not possessional aquisitions but the knowledge of truth that can make one immotal

3 Mar 2015 10:57

a loving home wherebody lookout for one another

3 Mar 2015 11:10

Spiritual success, knowing d truth n knowing God

3 Mar 2015 13:19

searching of knwlge is de beggining of differenciating de light and darkness. dat lead u to de world of immortals.

3 Mar 2015 13:28

having a nice peaceful home blessed with amazing kids.....a good job and an understanding spouse to crown it all.

3 Mar 2015 14:43

d greatess sucess one can realy satisfied include [1] by acceptin jesus as yur personal saviour becus he's d only one dat can save u and without him one cannot see d favour of God,and if dat should happen dat means d life of dat person is totaly destroy and satan will destroy dat person's life.secondly education:education is d key 2 success and is also d best legacy.without bein educated one cannot b highly respected even though d person is rich.thirdly marriage:if u are up to d task to get married and u refuse people will mock u exceptialy when yur frds got married and u are still single u wont b free to talk to them as u like becus if u say somtin nw they make mock u just becus u re nt have happy home and yur own children also contributed to success in life becus when some die is d children dat will takecare of wht u have on earth.wealth is also included and finaly good character,if u have good character and patient u will b able to control at tinx mention,tanx.

3 Mar 2015 15:10


3 Mar 2015 18:28

been a senator in nigeria.

4 Mar 2015 06:30

having god on urside

4 Mar 2015 13:59

Thats true bt ur name doesnt sound it atall lol

4 Mar 2015 14:05

Thats very good! Excelent one

4 Mar 2015 14:44

whose name r u talking abt, @johnb

4 Mar 2015 14:46

Roughdick @lanceman

4 Mar 2015 14:52

Hahaha,, by their names, we know them, @johnb

4 Mar 2015 17:58

Nob small tin oo @lance nd johnb

4 Mar 2015 19:40

The greatest success is to have God by you

5 Mar 2015 00:22

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5 Mar 2015 00:51

Na wa oo i no fit laff finish

5 Mar 2015 02:02

Getting to heaven and to achieve that u av to surrender all to God and forsake sin