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1 Mar 2015 13:01

Whenever i read through any of this President Jonathan's campaign post on facebook i cant help but laugh on the comments made by both party supporters. What drew my attention was a comment made by someone that president Goodluck is a man sent and ordained by God to rule Nigeria come 2015. My question is this- Is the hand of God in Nigeria's politics?? What are your views!

3 Mar 2015 10:30

lets not decieved our selfs Gods hand is in politics cos he created heaven nd earth nd dere is not human,spirit,trees,witchcraft nd aircraft can do witout d concept of God but concerning gej i dont c any gud in him cus he is directed woman nd ppl dat notin notin gud for dis nation meanwhile he is not hard or strict enough to stop corruption even he him self is corruption mind u if u cant bit dem broda jona don join dem oooo.