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17 Mar 2014 23:58

(1) A mad man was standing on 3rd
Mainland bridge shouting; "45! 45!! 45!!!
A crowd gradually gathered to watch
A guy Akpos came and asked one of the
people watching; What is that mad man
The man replied; I don't know!
The inquisitive Akpos went ahead to ask
the mad man what "45" mean?
As soon as he got close to the mad man,
the mad man picked him up and threw
him into the ocean and started
screaming; 46! 46!!
Everybody took to their heels.

(2) An Igbo man, a Yoruba man, and a
Chinese were having a group
discussion... A big housefly flew into the
room, past
Yoruba man, past the Igbo man, but
just as it was about to pass the
Chinese, he caught it, put it in
his mouth and chewed it. Although they
were astounded, both
the Igbo man and the Yoruba man said
nothing... Few minutes later, another
housefly buzzed joyfully into the room,
past the Yoruba man, but just as it was
about to pass the Igbo man, he caught
it, turned to the Chinese man and

(3) One afternoon, a nomad was out with his
cows and his pet dog grazing the field. He
continuously beat the cows with a stick to
quicken their movement. One of the cows
suddenly spurted out, "Alright already!
We've got feelings too buddy!" The nomad,
who was in a state of disbelief, suddenly
turned and scampered away with his dog
running beside him. He finally stopped
under the shades of a tree. Gasping for
breath, he said, "I've never seen an animal
talk!" The dog, who was by his side, turned
and said, "Me too!"

U beta commment oooo...!!!!

18 Mar 2014 14:30
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18 Mar 2014 23:54

wat abt number 3? @ Don-number-1

4 Apr 2014 14:53

i love ur joke jawe bro:-D;-)

4 Apr 2014 18:45

tank guyz

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20 Apr 2014 02:42
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