Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - why do every Ladies wear a provocation and attraction wears?
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27 Feb 2015 15:51

do you think they wear it bcos of guys or its just for fun/do you think they want to indicate there beauty? what is your own view?.

27 Feb 2015 16:22
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27 Feb 2015 16:28

i think maybe 4 them 2 luk sexy and some of them wear it 2 attract men.some of them also wear it 2 luk smart etc...

27 Feb 2015 17:46

mostly to attract attention

27 Feb 2015 19:44


27 Feb 2015 21:37

for me to look good

27 Feb 2015 21:47
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27 Feb 2015 21:48

a deal

27 Feb 2015 21:58

all dey want is sex dat y dey wear attractive clothes.

27 Feb 2015 23:27

4 me I call it fashion

27 Feb 2015 23:29

4 me I call it fashion, I mean parckageing

27 Feb 2015 23:46

Simply bcos the ladies are the empire of evil, which men's are the tools using in their.

27 Feb 2015 23:53

My view is that they are helping devil to complete his job .

28 Feb 2015 01:29
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28 Feb 2015 03:36

bcose of guys

28 Feb 2015 07:53

@gregory28: u just said it all no more comment

28 Feb 2015 09:14

They wear it to attract men nd also to look gorgeous

28 Feb 2015 09:38

Most girls are fashion freak. And notably,most new style, looks very provocative and to follow the trends, u must wear provocatively. They love to wear the hippest,sexiest outfit in town. For me, i call it. Intimidation

28 Feb 2015 09:43

This s endtime, d devil s using many device to prompt fornication. attractive dress by ladie s d devil stratgs 2sedus men nto fornicatn jst hs he use it n sodom ad gomorah, boys shd b careful jst as king solomon say n prover.

28 Feb 2015 10:39

You are all wrong and pls point of correction all ladies r not dsame ok bcos u men r d most dangerous deceiver in dis world so stop all those rubbish comment. Nonsence