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27 Feb 2015 15:43

1. Pride goes before a fall
2. No venture no success
3. A yam that will burn, will burn whether boiled or roasted
4. To fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail
Add yours if any...

27 Feb 2015 16:32

it is only a bastard son or daughter thats moves without direction...

27 Feb 2015 17:59

Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers, pray for powers to complete your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle

27 Feb 2015 19:13

End time is near, repent ye & seek d face of God... Jesus loves u...

27 Feb 2015 19:14

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

27 Feb 2015 19:45
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27 Feb 2015 19:57

sometimes sorry won't just make any difference,,, don't make decisions when you are mad

27 Feb 2015 21:08

No matter how high or long a bird can fly to the sky, it may still come down.

27 Feb 2015 21:15

A river does not flow into a forest without cutting down trees.

27 Feb 2015 21:26

No matter how sun shine, it cant prevent rain.

27 Feb 2015 21:33

No matter how much you give, "He that covereth his sins shall not prosper"

27 Feb 2015 21:36

You don't reign as a debtor, you reign as a lender.

27 Feb 2015 21:39

Temptation is not a sin;submitting to it is what makes you a sinner.

27 Feb 2015 21:39

U cant eat ur cake nd have it.

27 Feb 2015 21:40

The evil that man do live after them

27 Feb 2015 21:43

Blessed re those that do nt expected,for they shall not be disappointed

27 Feb 2015 21:44

A dead clock is correct twice in a day

27 Feb 2015 22:23

Embrace silence and lower your voice
For on the back of people with pride
The fellows that are humble ride
On your way you will see envy and hate
Ignore them they are not your mate
The more they think you will fall
The more you understand your divine call
Put up a heart full of gratitude
Show off a nice attitude
With God all things are possible
All you need is a faith that is visible
Don't put a limit on what you believe
Where there is a limit, little you will achieve
It all starts with having the right character
It's one of the things that definitely matter
Make success a part of your culture
Join a cause that will benefit your future
At a time things will go wrong
Remember all these and be strong

27 Feb 2015 22:33

A hug show how willin u are 2 each other; a kiss meassures de amount of love between u & sex binds u 2gether

27 Feb 2015 22:42

a little drops of water make a mighty ocean,,a stich serves nine,there is no art to see d mind construction in the face..