Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 7 ways when you need to be jealous
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27 Feb 2015 09:56

The feeling of jealousy isn’t a good
feeling, but there are certain
situations where it’s good to be
jealous in your relationship.
Jealousy is a natural emotion that
we can’t control at times. We often
get jealous for no reason, but if
your partner behaves in a way that
causes you to be jealous, don’t feel
guilty about expressing your
emotions. He should know about
your feelings and he should admit
his mistakes. When jealousy hits,
make sure you have a reason for it
and let your partner know about
that reason. Good communication
is the key to a happy and healthy
relationship. Here are seven times
when it’s actually okay to be
1. When he gives flirtatious vibes
to another woman...READ 2-7 HERE NEW PAGE

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