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24 Feb 2015 19:48

I heard a bang on my door but it came amidst cacophony of cricket sreeching,an owl hooted in a thicket nereby,in the stillness of the night the roaring of a lion from a forest far away kept my heart pounding.Life in this lonely hamlet is the easiest way to relate with nature.In This virging hamlet,life and living was interwoven with nature,anyone who is thirsty reaches out to OBUNABO stream to quench one`s thirst,and that could only be done with a calabash for the goddess of the stream forbids unnatural object in her bowels of living water,anyone who violates the dictates of the goddess receives judgement from the gods.
I yawned drowsily,rising wobbly from my sleeping mat;I reached out for the wooden log that served for door pushed it aside,searched carefully for the intruder.I waited quietly,in stillness of my breath I saw a dimly figure sniffing around-a bush pig was grasing nearby-I knew immediately that danger was lurking!
If you have had nature as your immediate neighbour,you would know how to live and

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25 Feb 2015 18:58

To be cont'd......

25 Feb 2015 23:57

pls bring it on