Nigerian forum: Other - Helping beggars
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23 Feb 2015 21:59

I always see it as a responsibility to give aid to anyone who meets me on the road asking for help no matter what BUT on this faithful day i met this guy who asked me for TRANSPORT FEE to go bck home, i had pity on him &gave him the cash hoping dat he'll immediately board a taxi/bus going home. I immediately went bck bcos i forgot smtin frm where i was coming frm, after i've collected what i forgot i rushed bck to the road jst to get home on time coz it's almost dark and 2my gr8est suprise, this same guy wch i jst helped was still standing dere begging pple&wen i got close 2him, he came 2me still begging again not recognising dat i was the guy who first helped him. I concluded dat most beggars if not all are begging not bcos dey needed aid but bcos dey've taken it as their job begging frm places to places which is very bad

21 Oct 2016 10:21

Is True But At D Same Time Is Nt Their Fault