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23 Feb 2015 12:01

One day a woman wanted to know how the husband would react if she left without telling him where she had gone. So she decided to write him a letter saying she is tired of him and didn't want to live with him anymore and after writing she put the letter on the table in the bedroom and then hid under the bed...When the husband came back home, saw the letter and read it, he replied on the same paper and then began to sing and dance
changing his clothes. He got his phone, dialed someone then said: "Hey babe, am just changing clothes then will join you, as for the other fool it has finally dawned on her that I was fooling around with her and has left. I was wrong..really wrong to have married her, I wish I had known you earlier. See you soon honey!" The husband walked out of the room and left. In tears and very upset, the woman got up from under the bed and decided to go and read what the husband wrote on the letter. When she got the letter, it said: "I COULD see your feet under the bed, I didn't make any phone call.. I am going to buy bread. Stand up, stop your silly games and prepare me a meal....


23 Feb 2015 17:38

d man iz foolish

23 Feb 2015 17:39

Very funny

23 Feb 2015 17:41

@geraldine6617: If d man is foolish, what will u say abt d woman?

23 Feb 2015 17:44

She hv 2 bear d los

23 Feb 2015 17:47

@geraldine6617: There's no lose here ooo, d man just went 2 buy bread, he will still come back, he just want 2 tell d wife that he knows her trick

23 Feb 2015 18:29

thats cool bro

23 Feb 2015 19:10

So funny!

23 Feb 2015 19:51


23 Feb 2015 20:06

Sooo romantic

23 Feb 2015 20:11

funny 1

23 Feb 2015 20:50

Hmmmm! Lov dis

23 Feb 2015 22:35

that's love for u

24 Feb 2015 11:56

very funny

24 Feb 2015 11:58

Are u marry

24 Feb 2015 12:16


24 Feb 2015 12:19
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24 Feb 2015 12:43

Nice one

24 Feb 2015 16:43

love dis

24 Feb 2015 21:57

Some time her girl friend will tell U to borrow her some money but dont let Ur girl friend know that she ask of U of moni and not knowing is their plan