Nigerian forum: Jokes - What will u do if u are d man?
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22 Feb 2015 11:35

A lady decided to visits his bf, the following conversations ensued: LADY:can u pls give me ur fone? BOY:am coming(he went to the toilet deletes all d female pics, female number and format his memory card) u can have it LADY:i just wanted to check the time so dat i can set mine. {WHAT WILL U DO IF UR D MAN?}

1 Mar 2015 14:00

I wil learn my mistake by cheatn on her coz datz alxo a mode of cheatn

22 Nov 2015 07:35

Dat girl is very stup i we leave her

24 Nov 2015 21:52

O no

25 Nov 2015 11:48

Nothing but am d man

13 Dec 2015 21:22


18 Dec 2015 16:49

Ntin! coz she didn't tel me 2 delete

10 Jan 2016 20:10

Dat serve him right

12 Feb 2016 16:42

Let her be may be she did it because of what she has seen in de past

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