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21 Feb 2015 16:36

All unrighteousness is SIN(Fornicatn, Adultery, Masturbatn, Prostitutn, Gay, Lesbian, Smokin, Drinkin, 419, Lies, Stealin, WearingEaring, Trouser, Mini Skrt, Attchmnt, ExtraEye&Finger, Bangle, Chain, Paintin, Parmin, Bleachin, Tattoo, PlaitingHair(Men), Occultism, Charm, SecreteCult, Idolatory, Murmurin, Strife, Divorce, Wives etc.). Dont be deceived. it is Written: The WAGES of SIN is DEATH. Except a man be BornAgain, He cant Enter heaven. A christian is not a SINNER & a sinner is not a CHRISTIAN. REPENT so that iniquity shall not be your RUINE. Let him that nameth the name of d LORD depart from iniquity. Give your life 2 CHRIST, b4 it is 2 late. Hell is Real.(Matt: 6:33, 19:4. John 3:3, 5:17, 10:10, 15:5. Ijohn 3:8, 5:17. 1corith 3:8. 6:9. 2corith 5:17. 2timothy3. Rom3:23, 6:23. Luke 16:18 , 17:26-30. Gal 5:19. Col 3:8. Exo 33:4-6. Deut 22:5. Job 22:23. Rev 21:8. Jer 4:30. Malachi 2:14-16. Isaiah 53:1, 9:6. Lev 18:22. 20:13,21, Ezekiel 18:21,30).
Worship With The LORD CHOSEN(C.R.M) Today.
Worship With Us @ The LORDS CHOSEN CHARISTMATIC REVIVAL MOVEMENT along Apapa Oshodi Express. Ijesha B/stop. Amuwo Odofin. Lagos. "The God of Chosen Answers Prayer". Chosen is Blessed. 1peter2:9.
If you or relations or friends are base outside Lagos Then visit: Or free2Air Cable(MyTv) For Ongoing BroadCast of All Our Programmes And List of Branches in Your State of Residence. Our Days of Fellowship Activites Are As Follows:
Sun: 8am.
Tues: 8am & 5pm.
Wed: 5pm.
Thurs: 8am.
Sat: 2pm Daily.
"Our God Na Baabaa"
The Testimonies of God Abound in d LORDS CHOSEN(C.R.M):
>H.I.V Cured
>Spirit of Gay/LesbianCastOut
>BrokenMarriage Amended
All these And much more Awaits you as you worship with us 2day. The God that Delivers from Sin, Sickness & Satan is d True GOD.
Jesus said, If you do not believe me for what i say. Then Believe for this Signs and Wonders that i do.
Matt 11:4-5, 15:31, Luke 4:40