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20 Feb 2015 11:54

Wake up with a purpose. Go to sleep with a plan. All day hold positive intention.

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20 Feb 2015 16:43

The woman must perform the required action relating to her fitra(original state of purity)which is specific and appropriate to her as a woman.
The includes cutting her nails and taking care of them.this is because trimming the nails is a sunnah by the consensus of the scholars of islaam,as it is part of the fitra that has been specified in the hadeeth of the prophet,may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.other reasons include the hygienic advantages resulting from the removal of excess nail,coupled with the fact that leaving the nails to grow long is ugly and resembles the the claws of beasts of prey.dirt collects underneath the nails,and long nails prevent water,used for ablution,from reaching what is underneath them.
Some muslim women,because of their blind following of the disbelieving women and their ignorance of the sunnah,have adopted the practice of their nails long.
It is also sunnah for the women to remove the hair from her

21 Feb 2015 17:40

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