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19 Feb 2015 23:40

Discover step by step guide how to make millions from oil and gas business, product supplies and LPOs transaction and deals, marketing and trading, set up filling station, importation of petroleum product and create enormous wealth for yourself and your family WHITOUT spending a kobo from your pocket.
What you will lean from this e-manual:
• Trading Diesel, Fuel, Gas, oil, kerosene, etc,
• How to get into Importation of petroleum Products
• How to setup, register, manage or partner with filling stations to make money
• How to become oil deal facilitator/agents and make millions from deal without spending a kobo
• How to get finance and loans for oil and gas business
• How to start without cash; get LPOs, supplies and big ticket deals and many more
• How to practically use LPOs to get product supply job with sample to adopt
• How to use quotation profitably to close supply sales with sample to use
• A complete sample of introduction letter to help you become a company sales representative
• How to use quotation to gain entry into a new market Or enter a saturated market

Opportunities and market growth And Why this Business is Hot and Kicking
THE capital market may have crashed with a big bang! But oil and gas stocks are still pulling huge profits. Many oil and gas companies have not stopped expanding their capacities; petroleum trading business will still continue to drive home the millions and this is your best time to join the deal, according to members of the national economic committee on power, “the electricity supply situation is likely not going to change significantly”, and it has not and may not very soon, the generators and mini power plants market will continue to surge, and this will mean more wealth for those in diesel, oil and gas business; government establishments, offices, residences and other agencies are spending millions weekly on diesel consumption: what an opportunity for suppliers. Even worst is the fact that companies spend so much more on the aggregate.
Diesel usage has become every CEO's nightmare as suppliers keep smiling to the bank with almost larger chunks of the profit companies makes per day.
With Nigeria a country with many festive seasons - the Sallah, Christmas, New Year, Easter period - a lot of traveling takes place during this period and with diesel-consuming trucks heading in all directions, the demand for diesel is always on the up side.
The oil and gas market is big, wide and diverse. You make your choice as you are inspired while reading this never-before revealed secrets. Of course, we won't stop needing diesel for a long time because we have not solved our power problems yet.
And even if we solve it diesel consumption will still be an issue, even in the US, they still have need for supply of diesel till tomorrow. In fact, they are the highest power and food consuming nation today, because when you have population, you must need power and diesel as well for industry, especially for companies situated on the outskirts.
You can actually go into oil and gas products trading, supplies, big and small deals and facility management, the oil industry is where everybody can benefit. The trading opportunity is massive; in fact, in one deal alone you can make between N5million and N10 million. Product trading which is where the wealth is has a wide scope, from the automotive gas oil (AGO) (what we commonly call diesel) to the
PMS, that is petrol, and then DPK - the dual purpose kerosene - you will find opportunity. Among these three petroleum products, diesel is the most traded in terms of volume of use and diversified outlets for distribution; it is the major source of fuel for power generation almost in all sectors of life and economy - from homes to banks, to factories, workshops, hotels, managed estate, eateries, business centers, cyber cafés, companies, government offices, residences and super markets – the market is big!
To so many, oil and gas business looks like a mirage, probably because of the huge capital evolved , but once you are able to secure an oil deal and observe the rules, money no more becomes an issue. Oil and gas business is a business of demand and supply of petroleum products; it involves taking such products from their sources to the end users and raking in cash returns in the process and sometimes instantly. Unlike the normal buying and selling, some oil and gas business may require documentation; some may not, depending on the capacity and quantity of transactions taking place. We have the large-scale suppliers, the mini suppliers and the trinket suppliers, that is, everyone can be a player; the larger, the more sophisticated, challenging and the more knowledge you will need to be part of it; but in all, it is very easy.
Deals can range from a few thousands of naira to millions, both in naira or dollars. Sometimes, you may not have capital or facilities of your own, but you can still to be part of the profit; that is the good thing about this business.
Lets us look at it from the big ticket transactions to very small deals and to trading product without cash. In this material you find where to fit in and be part of the cash.