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19 Feb 2015 17:22

We have two sex cells that gives rise to the formation of a baby, which are the X and Y chromosome. X is said to be normal or complete while Y is the opposite. And females are formed from two X chromosome while males are formed from X and Y. Meaning female have XX, two complete chromosomes while male have XY, one complete and one abnormal chromosome.
This results to my question, are male gender abnormal?...

19 Feb 2015 22:44


20 Feb 2015 00:19

20 Feb 2015 08:02

Actually you sef it as your view

23 Feb 2015 00:25
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23 Feb 2015 00:32

Hmmmmm,,, u shld know better, there r 2 sides of any complete cycle not one side, we have hot & cold, goon & bad, positive & negative, north pole & south pole (magnet).
So coming 2 chromosomes xy attained perfect bcos it has stronger bonding, so u can conclude