Nigerian forum: Jobs and Career - LOVE DRAWING LIKE ME¡¡¡ Hmm, Maybe!
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17 Feb 2015 22:18

Write a story you know is educative here!! I change written story to drawn story and write the name of the author on it! Some have made it through this, so you can start yours now and each story writer's name will be written on it!
Thanks for patronizing with us..


18 Feb 2015 17:49

Na only guyz dey send me F/R watin happen to d ladyz? Plz guyz stop it dt is d end of my story by: Emma1919

Edited by Emma1919 / 18 Feb 2015 18:00
18 Feb 2015 17:57

Ok ooo

18 Feb 2015 18:02

Wer is dami?

18 Feb 2015 18:57

Who is dami

18 Feb 2015 19:52

i see

20 Feb 2015 00:13

@Lance007: dt gul wey post dt useless say 500 guyz send her messages sey dem luv her

20 Feb 2015 00:20

@Emma1919: Ok, I dont even remember her name. Hahaha, na guys like u nah, y u dey complain, after all friends na friends

20 Feb 2015 00:36

Na d koko u just talk so bro@Lance