Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - There are many fake gels in dis place
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16 Feb 2015 11:58

There many guys calling demself gels and always ask for card

17 Feb 2015 20:47

dats true,one needs to be wise /smart

18 Feb 2015 00:31

Most of d people u call gals r guys

18 Feb 2015 02:03

is true my friends

18 Feb 2015 03:30

Yes very true,most are guys,acting like a girl

18 Feb 2015 07:32

Wat should we do

18 Feb 2015 07:37

Bro jst becareful,bcos dia sm guys pretend to be gel using female pic,even smone use nicky minaj and so many pple are commentng ..u r beautifuk u r dis u r dat jst so funny jst to rob guys like him

18 Feb 2015 09:27

there also guys that stay abroad and use the opportunity to dupe people oh, i am also a victim, lets be all careful oh

18 Feb 2015 10:29

yahoobois are here tho

18 Feb 2015 11:05

so many, and also so many fake and unreal girl's too but y, can't one fine love here OK what.

18 Feb 2015 11:53

The point dat no girl is real on mobo network dey al have seriouse relationship.i cald one kwelesilver & i told her how i go her number and she ask me 2 back since den she refused 2 pick my cals

18 Feb 2015 13:14

well.. m new on here, can it b That ladies also pretends 2 b guys.. Huh?

18 Feb 2015 13:19

its also possible my dear, bt wot wil dey gain from it?

18 Feb 2015 15:05


20 Feb 2015 01:01

Na woo mugu still plenty 4 9ja oo imagine hw personii go tell u say send me card uself wey bi idiot go send am all 4 d sak of woman abi woman no dey 4 ur area? Any male animal wey dey 4 bush female ones still dey with am der. Abeg mk una dey use una brin oo

20 Feb 2015 03:06


20 Feb 2015 03:31

Bro all d whey dey here are all beggers of Cards,some wil fustrate u to d stage u go go borrow money if u dnt hv,sm will say i hv nt pay my school fees,i dnt hv food at home i wnt to plant my hair so and u shuld care for wonder if den no get parent and if u knwn u can afford school fees den pack and go bck home......dey r all theift

20 Feb 2015 13:45

Don't mind them jare

20 Feb 2015 14:44

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24 Feb 2015 08:20

So many fakes. I blame d pdp lol