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15 Feb 2015 10:32

A black man entered a restaurant
with a bag of bananas. He sat next 2
a white man who had a baboon pet.
After a while, the black man had 2
visit the toilet so he asked the white
man 2 safe keep his bag of bananas.
When he returned he found his bag
empty, and asked the white man
where his bananas went. The white
man pointed at his baboon pet and
said, "Ask your brother, he ate them."
The black man said nothing but sat
down, wheezing with wrath. Later
the white man also had 2 visit the
toilet so he asked the black man 2
watch his baboon 4 him. The black
man agreed. When the white man
returned he found his baboon dead,
and with great anger, asked the
black man why he had killed his
baboon. The black man smiled at
him and said, "It's family matters,
don't interfere!"

18 Feb 2015 21:03

Nice 1