Nigerian forum: Family & kids - family crisis,hw cn we deal wif it as husband as wife nd as children
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15 Mar 2014 00:32

pls lets discuz

31 Mar 2014 15:03

The best way to deal wit family crisis is to apply boble principles just as col 3:9-12, 18- 21, eph 5:28-31 & 6:1-4 if each one play is role infact their family will be the best in the community

13 Apr 2014 16:28

Dat gud

24 May 2014 00:59

We must al knw dat wat so eva crisis we see in marriage today is as a result of disobedience to Gods comandment. Cos God did nt ordain marriage 4 crisis nd so he gave us marital guideline to follow in d bible.

24 May 2014 07:27
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28 May 2014 01:24

Crisis in familys ar inevitable..xo all vat we cn do z to pray without ceasin as recrded in ve Bible nd al as wife nd husbnd we shuld always b crful wot proceedd forth 4rm our mouth..cuz it cn scarter our mariage..fanx

21 Jul 2014 23:52

two masters can"t lead so 1 person will be down for peace