Nigerian forum: Jokes - Causes of Break Up During Valentine
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12 Feb 2015 15:49

we celebrate, so also some people dey break up,
and These are the reason for Valentine breakup
U saw me sweeping my room n u
never care to collect the broom and
finish the sweeping, #Its over!
U don't bend properly wen u sweep,
U wil have Pride issues, & I can't marry a proud
woman, #its over
Did u just call me honey? You are
trying to say my mum is a Bee? We're done ! #its over
My mum checked my future, you are
not in it. #its over
Baby my mum says dat there are a lot of witches in ur
village (eg. EDO
State) so we can't go out anymore!
#its over
Why would u tell me to watch Keeping up with the
Reality show when champions
league match is on now?! U want to
mock me abi? #Its over
U smiled at d guy in the car while we
were trekking. #its over
U don't use ma picture as your profile picture, #its
After a while I missed u, You hug me
instead of kissing me #it's over
Anytime u enter my house network
will disappear #it's over and over!
I gave you six eggs, boil 3 and fry 3,
you boiled the wrong 3 and fried the
wrong 3, You even cook the eggs
instead of boil, #it's over!
*Aaahhhhhh!!! # BABIEIts Over...

12 Feb 2015 16:17

Na 2rut talk

12 Feb 2015 17:04

call me@08179483952 or 07082688606
nd we'll spend the valentine afternoon @ the sweet sensation.
jez the afternoon...
i'm a quy nd nat a qay!!

12 Feb 2015 18:04

who want me to visit hm on val day drop ur address btw lagos ib and osun

12 Feb 2015 18:10

Aisha can u come to ijebu ode after my number 09036984844 or 223d9f7f

12 Feb 2015 19:43

Who Will Celebrate With Me?

12 Feb 2015 20:02

Call 07067487522, pls. U wil enjoy me.

12 Feb 2015 20:54

That is stupid

12 Feb 2015 23:34

I can risk my life al bcoz of so cal val

12 Feb 2015 23:35

Pls any lady here in Abuja?kindly say "HI" in my inbox

12 Feb 2015 23:49

i dnt no

13 Feb 2015 08:34

tru luv never dies no matter wot

13 Feb 2015 09:11

Who will be my val

8 Mar 2015 07:50