Nigerian forum: Politics - Bribery Corruptions In Nigeria
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12 Feb 2015 13:59

My people, this matter of bribery and corruption calls for repentance and change on a national scale,
starting from you and I, from the Messenger to the Managing Director; from the Security Guard to the Chief Security Officer. Corruption begins from our homes and from tender, each of us needs to determine to be the starting point for the change by vowing never
again to pay or take a bribe, no matter the cost. There should be an inclusion of a subject or course in our Pry/Sec/Tertiary school curriculum that can teach our children right from primary schools to tertiary institutions about bribery and corruptions along with the punishments set down for any victim. Let us start. Don’t wait for the next man. Be No 1. May almighty God help us as we choose to please Him. We can make our country free of corruption. We must shun wealth gotten from unscrupulous means and shame the perpetrators.