Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - wahala dey 4 postponed general election on feb. 14
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9 Feb 2015 11:10

Girl - hello baby, were are u taking me to, on
valentin's day?
Boy- oh my angel i wish 2take u any place of
ur choice even inside or outside d country
Girl- o.m.g blushing, i love u baby
Boy- tnx, it's also my wish 2buy u brazilian
hair 21inches that day with d latest phone in
Girl- wow, i cnt waite 2see it
Boy- angel that's my wish 4u bt there's no
movement that day bcoz of dis presidential
election so lets leave it next year
Girl- that's why i called u bcoz INEC has
postponed it til march 28
Boy- HeLlo hElLo eLo u say INEC don do wetin?
No nO i mean nO0 it cnt b possibleeeee
Girl- baby why sounding lik that? i feel is ok,
so we can move & enjoy together
Boy- nO i cAn'T tAkE iT 4rm anybody even
high nec or short nec
Girl- why so?
Boy- any date apart from Feb 14th, we cnt
take it 4rm them bcoz they wnt rig dis
Girl- baby hmmmm i dnt understand u any
more OOO
Boy- u may nt understand me bt i understand
my self, wat we need is free & fair election
wich is Feb 14 and nobody can bribe me
simple, NO MOVEMENT.
One word 4dis guy

9 Feb 2015 11:56


9 Feb 2015 12:19

i support postponement

9 Feb 2015 12:23

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9 Feb 2015 13:01

i support the postponement, at least it has eased the tension

9 Feb 2015 13:07
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9 Feb 2015 16:26


9 Feb 2015 19:31

POSTPoning d election is nt d best i believe we need to stop decieving our seleves and face reality we need to differentiate between right n wrong so lets say no to corrpution and help our great nation to be raised to d next level I LOVE U ALL

9 Feb 2015 22:25

TOCHI79 who is corrupt,INEC boss giving out 60% of pvc distribution to the northerners and 40% to the south south and southeast,now tell me if this plot has not been uncovered tell me now between Buhari and Jonathan who is corrupt? this is the reason the election has been postponed to enable us collect our pvc

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10 Feb 2015 00:29

10 Feb 2015 00:43
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10 Feb 2015 00:45
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10 Feb 2015 08:23
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10 Feb 2015 09:30

MY dear i jst said we should say no to corrpution thats all we all know what is right nd we can diffiantiate it from wrong GOOD MORNING

10 Feb 2015 12:02

Jonathan comes 2019

10 Feb 2015 12:31

So wrong of you. D inec boss made it clear to those who listened carefully dat, d postponement of election ain't becs of PVC but because security are not ready yet

10 Feb 2015 12:35

Many of you here are confuse just like PDP bodies itself. D boss of INEC made it clear dat d postponement of general election ain't because of PVC or any reason regarding to it,but it was because the chief of Army has denied their readiness. Security is reason of postponement,not Pvc

10 Feb 2015 13:04

pple lack manners here.... d postponement of this election is part of pdps idea so what are u thing I knw is dat "u postpone am u no postpone am na buhari go enter " cometh March 28

10 Feb 2015 16:02

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11 Feb 2015 00:10
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