Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - is it really good to be celebratting valentine
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9 Feb 2015 10:45

The historical background of valentine let us know that valentine is really an act of idolatory. Did you support this.

9 Feb 2015 12:05

I support valentine cos its a giving out day 2 me, nt idolatory day.

9 Feb 2015 12:24

it a day of sharing love to pple in needs

9 Feb 2015 12:27

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9 Feb 2015 12:56

@ Elizabeth people don't have a knowledgeable understanding of what valentine means rather we limits it to exchanging gift items and other tangible things btw people who have more than enough. So don't think it's really good to celebrate valentine is as much we can't keep its objectives real by sharing with those in need and shun flirting and messing with each other.

9 Feb 2015 16:35

Is gud 2 do that

9 Feb 2015 18:34

yes,it is good.

9 Feb 2015 18:37

i quite agree with u.thx

9 Feb 2015 22:19

Quote by Elizabeth.O
it a day of sharing love to pple in needs

U're indirectly saying dat there's a particular day set aside for showing love/helping the needy. What happened to other days?

9 Feb 2015 22:37

Can I ask u anything u know about it?

9 Feb 2015 22:38

What are ur evidences?

9 Feb 2015 22:41

Yes thanks my brother. U see before u begin to celebrate any festival please know the major reason for doing. Don't just accept the general view of it. Thanks bro.

9 Feb 2015 22:41

What are ur evidences?

9 Feb 2015 22:44

Which type of love is that? Love u do nt share wen it is nt february 14

9 Feb 2015 22:48

Thanks @ maranathan. Please do nt just accept general view. Make ur own decision

10 Feb 2015 00:04

Attention everybody.....Including d informed nd uninformed,the impostors,d Sceptic,nd d Stubborn hearted:Either U like it or not,take it or leave it,Dis day is an xtremely love showing day,an xtra ordinary one ...not just common love u show with pple deceitfully:where u giv nd stil xpets in return...NO,conspicously, u might hav been showing love b4 now:Not Idolatory day but a day in remembrance of an ordinary/common person like u who saw blessing nd gud things in human became memorial 4all generation....mind u....It is not Idolatory....It is St.Valentine'day

10 Feb 2015 00:19
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10 Feb 2015 00:31

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10 Feb 2015 00:48

Hw dis feb 14 go b?

10 Feb 2015 10:13

go ask Google..