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13 Mar 2014 12:41

Responsible leaders. Do not make irresponsible statements.

13 Mar 2014 12:43

A godly leader speaks out of the presence of God. No matter the situation he finds himself or herself.

13 Mar 2014 12:44

The most valuable gift of leadership is a godly example.

13 Mar 2014 12:46

A wise leader resolves conflicts peacefully, not forcefully.

13 Mar 2014 12:47

An enduring leader absorbs insult without anger.

13 Mar 2014 12:50

A wholesome leader is characterized by tolerance,which saves him from hasty decisions in crisis,and retaliation in the face of contradiction.

13 Mar 2014 13:01

A good leader attempts to make friends, not enemies.

13 Mar 2014 13:04

A wise leader benefits more from criticism than from praise.

13 Mar 2014 13:07

The greatness of a leader is in his humility before God,not in his eloquence before man.

15 Mar 2014 00:46

A good leader motivates", doesn't mislaid,,doesn't exploit.God cares about and truth form a good leader.sound leadership is founded on loving integrity.

16 Mar 2014 07:09

A good leader listen and not hear

16 Mar 2014 08:20

s me u 4got

16 Mar 2014 14:51

You can't never lead without serving .

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16 Mar 2014 14:52

You can't never lead without serving .

16 Mar 2014 17:04
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16 Mar 2014 19:28

A gud leaders must nt sppt crtn, mpt, nps, tbm, also nt to put psr or hsp on masses.

24 Oct 2014 00:57

A good leader is given an opportunity to serve without resentment. Cox leading is an opportunity not a right

24 Dec 2014 12:24

Bros make u take am ezy na abaa na so u no ever ever ni u no go join politics

24 Dec 2014 12:25

Bros make u take am ezy na abaa na so u no ever ever ni u no go join politics@mic0019

7 May 2015 16:58

God created all of Us to rule,govern,control and influence the earth.