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6 Feb 2015 15:54

MY Fellow Brothers/ Sisters,Guys, Gals,Let Sit And Reason Together,How Long Shall We Continue To Run Away From Opportunity/ Success Even When It Is Knockin On Our Door Daily., , If You Think about what you want in your mind &make that your dominant thought,you will bring it into your life,.SO THEREFORE.keep ur THOUGHTS positive,bcos ur THOUGHTS bcoms ur WORDS.keep ur WORDS positive bcos ur WORDS bcoms ur BEHAVIOURS,keep ur BEHAVIOURS positive,bcos ur BEHAVIOURS bcoms ur HABITS.keep ur HABITS positive bcos ur HABITS bcoms ur VALUES.keep ur VALUES positive,bcos ur VALUES bcoms ur DESTINY...Some People Always Think To The Negative Side.When You Offer Multitudes Of People An Opportunity,.80% Of dem will take it 4 granted,15%will b serious @first later dey ll fall along d way, while 5% will grab it with Their Body,Spirit &Soul,dey will commit Their time&energy to it in order to achieve a great result.which of this categories to u blong to?.here is an opportunity @ will u grab it&use it??

6 Feb 2015 16:41

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6 Feb 2015 16:57

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6 Feb 2015 17:30

, ,d future is created tru our past thoughts,words and actions.the future is the reaping of the seeds that we have sown in the past,whether those seeds are good seeds or bad.each sustained thought ,every word we ulter,and every action wmd take is a seed we will reap in our future .to create a beautiful future make as many of your thoughts as possible good ones,speak goo and kind words,and make sure your actions come from goodness, there fore make a gud thoughts now and take a good ACTIONS about this lucrative online business NOW, join me @
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6 Feb 2015 18:06

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6 Feb 2015 19:04

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7 Feb 2015 19:01

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8 Feb 2015 00:33

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8 Feb 2015 13:14

who wil lead me 2ru

9 Feb 2015 00:57

Who will also lead me through, is there any teacher or mentor?

9 Feb 2015 10:14

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15 Feb 2015 20:00

Plz wat is it all about explain more