Nigerian forum: Religion - How Do U Pray For Your Enemies?
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5 Feb 2015 16:28

Prayers u make for your enemies.
When Jesus Christ says we shud pray 4 our enemies, He did not ask us 2 wish dem bad in our prayers. So how do u pray 4 your enemies?

5 Feb 2015 16:51

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5 Feb 2015 20:03

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5 Feb 2015 20:03

My first enemy is SATAN

5 Feb 2015 20:46

I Pray 4 My Enemy To Die Becos My Bible Say Sufer Not D Wicht To Live

5 Feb 2015 20:46

Fada let my enemy chop chikean n die!!!

5 Feb 2015 20:55

Always pray 4 ur enemies, so that they'll turn a new leaf

5 Feb 2015 22:33

Who is a witch?
Any one who does not do what he is asked to do by the BIBLE, is the most wicked witch.

5 Feb 2015 22:56

but it was writen dat wen u r prayin 4 ur enemy to liv nd see d gdnes of d lord he wil b harming u

5 Feb 2015 23:17

Simply put,pray for and not against.Jesus knows better than us and so go ahead and obey Him.NO EXCUSES

5 Feb 2015 23:26

New commandment i gave unto you,that ye love one another,greater love hath no man than that a man should die for his friend

5 Feb 2015 23:28

Until your righteousness surpass that of the pharisee and the sadducees you will never enter the kingdom of God

5 Feb 2015 23:33

James and john wanted fire to consume their enemies like elijah did but Jesus rebuked them

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5 Feb 2015 23:35

The will of the father is that all men be saved.Father let thy will be done

5 Feb 2015 23:38

So how then should i do in other to deal with my enemies?just grow in obedience and love for God and with HIM alone

5 Feb 2015 23:41

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5 Feb 2015 23:46

Dont let them feel much important,focus on God rather

5 Feb 2015 23:47

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5 Feb 2015 23:49


6 Feb 2015 06:04

Dear commentators remember that Jesus said that pray for ur enemy and those that despitefully use and by so doing u will heap a coals of fire upon there head, that is doing good to them will them to repentance. Remenber we have different cartigories of enemies, the devil himself and the one that is be use by the devil. Pray for the devil the enemy to leave that individual and it will obey that name Jesus